Fire Rated Expansion Joints

System Documents
Iso-Flex Fire Rated Wing Joint Expansion Joint Spec Data Guide Spec  
Iso-Flex Precom HSL-FR Spec Data   Installation Procedures

Accessories Documents
Iso-Flex Primer #10 Spec Data SDS
Iso-Flex 900 Elastormeric Concrete Spec Data SDS (liquid)
SDS (sand)
SDS (fibers)
Iso-Flex 910 Tack Coat Spec Data SDS
Submittal Drawings
Iso-Flex Fire Rated Joint System Drawing# 2237
Iso-Flex Precom HSL-FR Drawing# 2238

UL Certifications Directory
Maintenance Manual
Expansion Joint Installation Preview

Link to UL Online Certifications directory for the LymTal International approved systems.